Feminism Graphic – Design of the Times

Inspired by the colors and style of the 1980s, this retro, feminism graphic not only looks fabulous, but will deliver quite a punch when paired with one of our snide or snippy slogans. This ain’t your mama’s protest garb!

Feminism graphics are designed to say it all, without you saying a word, and this one definitely accomplishes that task.

Pink hats will pair perfectly with the Design of the Times graphic on your button, shirt or tote. However, it’s the message you choose, that’s guaranteed to drive the point home. Don’t be afraid to let the whole world know you stand for women’s rights, the right to choose, or transgender equality. Say it loud, and say it proud!

If politics isn’t your thing, don’t worry; not all of the Design of the Times statements are quite so political. If you’re a woman born after 1979 but before 1990, check out “Ladies of the 80s”, and celebrate you!

With a variety of slogans available with this feminism graphic, you’ll certainly find something you can’t live without.


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