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A geek shirt is the perfect gift idea

Get them a “geek shirt” with this elemental graphic on it. There will never be a more perfect gift for the brainiac in your life than this graphic on a t-shirt.

geek perfect

Phosphorus, Erbium, Iron, Carbon, Titanium, Oxygen and Nitrogen.


That’s what geeks are made of.

And your geek will absolutely LOVE this graphic!

The word “geek” has long been considered derogatory throughout most of history. Even in the ’80s and ’90s, children labeled geeks weren’t hanging out at the popular table in the cafeteria.

It’s astounding what a few decades can do. Fast forward a few years, and the connotation is one of honor and intelligence. The term has extended its range to include all kinds of geeks, not JUST the D&D playing geeks, but computer geeks, gaming geeks, tech geeks, cosplayers, and more.

This gift design is an homage to all the geeks that came before us. In honor of those who suffered quietly in the shadows while lighting the way for “geek-uality”. (coming soon)

Utilizing the periodic table of elements, this graphic design insinuates something many of us already know. Geeks, in a word: “perfection”. As a matter of fact, you probably know how true this statement is, because you’re in love with, or friends with a geek. The result is this fantastically “elementary” design, with a simple message.

Take a trip on the nostalgic side, and blatantly tip your hat to science at the same time. Better yet, tell them how special they are to you – in a language they’ll understand – and order them a “Geek Perfect” gift today!

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Specialty Graphics – Custom Order Request

Looking for something more customized to your geek? You can simply request a quote for a custom design! Once the design is complete, you can take the graphic to your favorite print shop for specialty items, or simply order your custom gift from us!

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