Introvert – Antisocial Butterfly

Are you, or is someone you know, a complete and total introvert? Great, because who wants to be a social butterfly, anyway?

Curl up in a pair of comfy Antisocial Butterfly pajamas, (at home, where you know you’d rather be anyway) and sip piping hot coffee from your Antisocial Butterfly mug.

Introvert Necessities - Antisocial Butterfly

It’s hard enough to choose the perfect item when the design itself comes in a selection of colors; but the choices get harder when you factor in what kind of product you’re wanting to display it on.

Our Antisocial Butterfly graphic comes in three colors: pink, blue, and white. You can order this design on a variety of products and gifts, from shirts, hoodies, and pajamas, to coffee mugs and tote bags. We also offer small items like stickers and magnets.

We’ve even included the Antisocial Butterfly design on maternity tops, for the introvert carrying the next generation.

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