Professional Logo Design

Professional Logo Design is the most important aspect of your branding strategy, but it shouldn’t cost a small fortune for small business owners. Diamond in the Ruff Design will update and redesign your current logo, or start fresh with a brand new logo concept.

If you’re rocking a dated logo, your customers might think your business is outdated and obsolete as well. It’s just not a good look. Thankfully we can help, without making a huge dent in your wallet.

sticker with logo in black and white

You need a professional logo design that makes a lasting and positive impression on your visitors.

Let’s just assume for a second that your logo concept is still pretty good but may be looking a bit tired due to outdated trends. In this case, we can probably go for a redesign to bring a new feel to it. A redesign is basically a facelift for your logo.

In this case, we would only make minor changes, such as changing the intensity of the colors, or swapping out the typeface, possibly straightening lines or cleaning up small bits.

What if you’re ready for a completely new idea? We can also create a fresh, new logo concept based on your visions and your marketing plan.