Fancy Gifts

There are two types of people: those, who upon returning home from work, don’t immediately swap their work attire for something more comfortable, and then there are those folks who aren’t gluttons for punishment. If you’re the type who has a┬ámore casual approach to fashion, allow us to present our (sarcastic) Fancy products. Regardless of what you order, it’s fancy!

Sip coffee from a Fancy mug, or secretly swig from a Fancy flask necklace.

Respond to questions like, “What are you wearing to [insert event here] next week?”, with “My Fancy shirt of course!”.


This is the product you didn’t know you needed.

Maintaining your sarcastic personality couldn’t be easier when you pair this embellished-text graphic with your choice of gifts and products. This design comes in two colors: black, and white. Choose the white one if you’re looking to use it on a dark product like a navy blue hoodie, or other items with a darker background. The black version contrasts nicely with pastels and canvas fabrics.

The products available for our Fancy graphic are a bit more diverse than other designs. We offer this design on throw blankets, bath mats, flasks, and other unique gifts.

*We do not recommend that you wear our Fancy apparel to formal events or to work.

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